Nick Peluso Productions offers superior Disc, Video and Karaoke Jockey Services for any type of event large and small.

In our massive music selection we have:

well over 25,000 audio songs
well over 20,000 music videos
well over 18,000 karaoke songs

We offer:

(this is the traditional "audio only" service
commonly known as DJ or DiscJockey services)

(this is commonly known as VJ or Video Jockey services
which is not offered by most DJ service providers)
(this service can be used for Music Videos, Pictures Slide Shows,
Live Video Simulcast, Scrolling Marques, Ambient Video and a lot more)

Computerized Intelligent Dance Lighting
(we use the latest lighting technology most commonly known as
 "Disco" or "Dance" style lighting fixtures)
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(Karaoke Jockey Services are also referred to as KJ services)
(this service includes additional wired and/or wireless microphones along with a 13" TV monitor and stand so that the singer can see the words)
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